Bea Ibeas
A digital game to empower young starters in Amsterdam throught role-playing, a fictional setting, and the use of a digital table and smartphones.
Client: STEC
Amsterdam, 2018
Team members: Bambi Boland, Genèviéve Korte and Ondra Kocholatý.

The challenge

After years of research, STEC finds that there are a need and desire of Dutch society to get closer to a bottom-up approach regarding city making but there is a lack of collective feeling and empowerment.

The solution

A Digital serious game that empowers young starters and mobilizes and organize them around the collective city making issues.

The process

We started by gathering on a co-design session in which we dived the problem into more concrete issues. We found out that Citizens don’t believe they can make a change in city making issues, the ones that believe it do not know how to proceed and there is a lack of collective feeling. We searched for solutions with brainstorming sessions until we agreed on a concept.
We build our first physical prototype and test it with users. We iterated and produced new prototypes, deleting the functionalities that did not work and improving the ones that did. Concurrently, we worked on the UI and UX of the digital prototype.
Once the concept and functionalities were tested we build the last prototype: a digital game in which the players are assigned a character with its interests and personalities. Each player has to build the city up by working with others but also maintaining its character happiness. See below an example of a play round
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