Bea Ibeas
Interactive robots that open a conversation about introversion on design education.
Amsterdam, 2018
Team members: Anandita Punj, Adriaan Oudemans, Carmen Scherbaum, Edwin D’Melo, Gabriela Prattingerová and Lena Heinrich.

The challenge

Often, in design education, introvert personality traits are undervalued and, introversion is an understudied subject in HCI design.

The solution

Robots that raise awareness and sparkle discussions about introversion in design education. In short, interactive artifacts that help understand personality types.

The process

We started with brainstorming sessions, building prototypes to explain concepts until we came up with a common solution. We found the prototyping and testing iterations difficult as we had to learn the basics of programming and Arduino. We conducted two deployment studies and a showroom test.
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We won the Grassroots Grant which enabled us to take the IntroBots to Sou School of Architecture (Sicily, Italy) to do a user study.

How it works

IntroBots are introvert robots that run away from light as a metaphor for introverts not liking to be in the limelight. The bots are displayed on a semidark room and flashlights are handed to the players. The player needs to guide the bot to the goal without knowing how it works. After a while, the player understands the bot’s attitude and it’s then when they can work together to reach the goal.
We see potential on IntroBots as it is a proposition on how can design help understand personality types. We wrote a research paper explaining the project in detail.
Research paper