Bea Ibeas
A platform with environment-friendly recipes and tips that helps planet-conscious millennials eat more sustainable.
Client: WWF
Amsterdam, 2017
Team members: Bambi Boland, Bugra Kantar and Monica Vogels.

The challenge

WWF wanted to engage a new target group, the young adults without approaching them with donations.

The solution

A 5-year, digital, one-to-one strategy that inspires to a life-long change of behavior towards preserving the planet and joining the sustainability movement.

The process

We did desk and field research before brainstorming. We discovered that tacking the problem about youth’s eating habits would have a huge effect on the sustainability movement. After several iterations and meetings with the client, we defined the concept and strategy.

The strategy

Part #1

Millennials are reached through social media with the message «You can make a difference by changing your eating habits, save the world.”

Part #2

The web-app Foodprint is presented to the target group as a solution to reduce their footprint in an easy and fun way. Communication via social media, cooks, and food bloggers.

Part #3

The platform gets released. The message transmitted to millennials is “Use Foodprint to make a difference and save the planet while staying healthy.”
Once the strategy was defined and tested we entered the execution phase. Following WWF’s identity, we defined the looks & feel. We created a simple but innovative navigation system finding the balance between an attractive design for millennials and a user-friendly experience.